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    General Interest

Full Moons of 2021 ~ Canada (2021-09-01)
A graphic and note (PDF) identifying the date and time for each of 12 full moons in Canada for 2021. Also includes common names for each of the full moons along with a brief note of other names used over span of human history.

Why Do Leaves Change Colour In The Autumn? (2021-08-18)
Autumn is a time for leaves to turn dramatic bright colours. A briefing note (PDF) has been prepared on the science behind the chemical reactions that cause various species of leaves to change to a spectrum hues of colour. The briefing note includes a graphic depicting timeline for leaf colour change in Upper Madawaska Basin and SLBM Trails.

Black-flies – All You Wanted to Know...and More (2018-05-18)
Black-fly season (May – mid-June) is the bane of many who participate in activities outdoors, especially outside of urban centres. A briefing note (PDF) has been prepared that outlines the life-cycle of the black fly, it's activites during adult stage and how to fend off the biting insect.

Climate Normals – Madawaska Region (2018-04-12)
Are you curious as to the climate trends for the Madawaska Region, Ontario? What has been the monthly preciptration and daily average temperature norms over thirty year period 1961-2010? For the trivia buffs, what is record maximum precipitation (rainfall and snowfall) by month, maximum snow depth by month, and maximum and low temperature by month? The answers are compiled in graphic format in this chart deck (PDF).

Calendar of Natural Events – Algonquin Region (2018-04-03)
A handy quick guide that lays out in schematic format a timetable for natural occuring events (e.g., blackfly season, birthing of moose calves, hatching of loons, deer rutting, etc.) involving flora, fauna, birds and insects commonly found in the Algonquin region of Ontario. Quick Guide (PDF).

Wilno Tavern Restaurant (2018-01-23)
Renowned hospitality establishment in the Madawaska Valley along Hwy 60 (Algonquin Route) at Wilno that has an illustrious history that dates from 1894. See brief history note (PDF).

Proposed A2A Trail (2017-03-15)
There is an active proposal to develop a 670 kilometre trail connecting Algonquin Park (Ontario, Canada) and the Adirondacks (New York State, USA) to be known by the moniker A2A Trail. The idea for the planned hiking path was inspired by the wanderings of one cow moose (aka Alice), and it is being coordinated through the umbrella non-profit Algonquin to Adirondacks Collaborative. See briefing note (PDF) for details.

Plexman Mine (2016-09-15)
In early 1950s A. E. Plexman prospected pegmatite deposits in area known as Plexman mine. See note for description of the abandoned mine and how to locate it.

Spectacle Lake Mine (2016-09-14)
In 1948-1949 the Opeongo Mining Company worked a deposit known as the Spectacle (Wolfsden) Lake Mine. See note for description of the abandoned mine and how to locate it.

Wolfsden Lake Renamed Spectacle Lakes (2016-09-14)
See note.

Historic Roots of Spectacle Lake Lodge (2016-09-13)
The present day Spectacle Lake Lodge had been operated under previous owners as Scotty's Lodge, catering largely to sportsmen (fishing & hunting) clientele. It had been in operation from the early 1950s through to mid 1980s. Prior to 1965 Spectacle Lake was named Wolfsden Lake. See photo (PDF) of Scotty's Lodge that was on postcard in circulation circa 1973.

Follow That Moose (2016-08-13)
In 1998, a moose known as Alice set off on a 2-year trek from the central Adirondack region of New York State to Algonquin Park (Ontario). This odyssey has spawned a proposal for an Algonquin to Adirondak (A2A) Trail. Alice's wandering and the A2A proposal is outlined in the Canadian Press article Follow That Moose (PDF).

(Top banner photo: Sunrise at Spectacle Lake.)

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