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Weather ~ Current & Forecast

Spectacle Lakes / Bear & Burnetts Mountains

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The Weather Network

Click on down arrow above to select weather conditions at:
South Algonquin — Bancroft
Barry's Bay — Pembroke
Renfrew — Ottawa

The SLBM Trails are located in area that overlaps central-eastern boundary of South Algonquin Township and central-western boundary of Madawaska Valley Township.

Weather conditions and forecast at Barry's Bay are a good proxy for those were trail network is located.

For complete weather details and multi-day forecast click on appropriate weather location icon at left.

SLBM Trails location map

Weather Trivia

Canadian Climate Normals – Historic
Set 1
Monthly Precipiation 1961-1990, 1971-2000, 1981-2010
Set 2
Daily Aberage Temperature by Month 1961-1990, 1971-2000, 1981-2010
Set 3
Record Maximum & Low Temperature by Month (chart)
Record Maximum Precipitation & Snowth Depth by Month (chart)
Record Maximum Rainfall & Snowfall by Month (chart)

Complete deck of charts (pdf).
Madawaska Climate Normals Deck Cover

* Madawaska Region: Defined as area encompising the Upper Madawaska Basin and the Madawaska Highlands, Ontario.
(Top banner photo: Overlooking Little Cub Bay, Bark Lake, from viewpoint on Eagles trail.)

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