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Technical Compliance

Website optimization : This website is compliant with standards and specifications set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is optimized to function with Mozilla-based (Firefox, Waterfox, etc.), Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers.

While every reasonable effort has been taken to design this website to be fully functional with Microsoft IE 6.0 - 11.0 browsers, some aspects of page renderings may not be as designed. Microsoft, for marketing reasons, coded it's Internet Explorer browsers in such a manner that they are not compliant with some of the W3C element specifications.

This website utilizes PNG format images extensively. These images have a transparent background. The images are rendered correctly in such browsers as Firefox, Waterfox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 - 11.

However, IE 6 & 7 do not render PNG images correctly because Microsoft did not include coding in these browsers to interpret and render such images with transparent background.

NOTE: If you are still using Microsoft IE browser, seriously consider switching to another browser as Microsoft is no longer providing support and updates for the IE browser. The IE browser is out-of-date technically and thus cannot handle new functions being introduced on the Internet at frequent intervals. As well, since Microsoft is no longer providing updates for the IE browser it is lacking the security enhancements to thwart hackers.

It is strongly recommended that you switch to another browser — see below for recommendations.

To adjust the rendering of web pages in your browser use "Ctrl +" (to enlarge) or "Ctrl -" (to reduce).

Contact Webmaster if you have any questions or comments related to design and technical aspects of this website.
Here are links to download the following recommended browsers.
  • Firefox – for Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP operating systems. (Mozilla Foundation)
  • Waterfox – for Windows 10 & 8 64-Bit systems, based on Mozilla Firefox engine core. (Waterfox Project)
  • Safari – for Windows 10, 8, 7, & XP operating systems. (Apple Corporation)
  • Chrome – for Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP operating systems. (Google Corporation)
  • Microsoft Edge – for Windows 10 operating system (comes packaged as default browser). (Microsoft Corporation)
The above browsers (except Edge) are also available for Apple OS (operating systems), Linux and Android at the same links.

Mobile Friendly
Content layout and configuration on the primary domain pages of this website is designed for viewing on desktop computers, laptops and tablets with a minimum screen display resolution width of 1024 pixels.

Mobile friendly pages for devices with screen display resolution width of 800 or less pixels are available on this website. Access to these pages has been automated through a redirect function from the primary domain pages. But, as there has been no standard protocol adopted by the manufacturers and vendors of the wide variety of mobile devices available on the market, this automated redirect may not work for all mobile devices. Thus, a manual redirect function has been provided on the primary domain pages.

Users of devices with screen display resolution width between 800 pixels and 1024 pixels can manually opt to view the content via the primary domain pages or the equivalent mobile friendly pages.

Only the primary domain pages are indexed by search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, etc.) and it is these pages that will appear in search results. The search engine algorithms penalize — by awarding low ranking scores — those websites with duplicate content. Hence the mobile friendly pages of this website have been located on a sub-domain that is not indexed by the search engines.

Mobile friendly icon All primary domain pages that have a mobile friendly equivalent will feature this icon (at left), which will appear near top left corner of the page just below the title header banner. Clicking on this icon will access the equivalent mobile friendly page.

Mobile friednly version icon
Mobile friendly pages are identifed by the icon at left, which is placed at top left corner of the page.

The mobile friendly index page can be accessed from the primary domain index page or any of the other mobile friendly pages.

Desktop version icon
This icon, located at bottom of mobile friendly pages, when clicked accesses the desktop version located in the primary domain

(Top banner photo: View from south viewpoint on Loon-Beaver trail overlooking Bear Lake (right) and Little Cub Bay (Bark Lake).

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